Zig Time

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

they say you can't see the forest when you're there among the trees

we never know how a thing will go.  i've made it a point in my life to take every opportunity that makes sense for me.  i've spent very little (if any) of my life wondering what could've been.  cause i took most (if not all) of the chances i've been given. some worked the way i planned for them to.  some didn't work the way i had planned.  but you know what they say..."the best laid plans....."  what do they say again?

so here i sit.  eight weeks after leaving my job of 7 years for another opportunity.  an opportunity that afforded me the things i thought i was missing.  an office.  people to see in real life.  culture.  new friends. dog friendly facilities.  new challenges.  opportunity for growth.  turns out, i wasn't missing those things at all. forest, trees...ya know.

last week i was offered yet another opportunity and i accepted.  QBP has asked me to return to the Q family as of my birthday, september 4th, 2018.  with a heavy heart i delivered the news to petzl.  in my short time here i've met some truly amazing, talented, and FUN people.  i hope we can still be friends. 

i am truly ecstatic to be returning to q.  i learned that they aren't kidding when they say that q is something special.  it is.  i learned that when i left and realized it's not that special at every job.  there are plenty of great jobs out there, don't get me wrong.  for me, QBP is a level 9 wizard with no competition.

more positive that has come a result of all of this transition in my professional life is that i've decided to pursue my next course with the NACM and earn a second certification.  the timeline is still TBD since i'm still actively transitioning from petzl to q and the course offering schedule is limited.  stay tuned.

lastly, in order to properly close one chapter and set the next off on the right foot, i'm heading to the desert of moab in less than 48 hours to get some desert therapy, birthday celebrations, shenanigans, good beer, sleeping in the dirt, camp fire, good food, and lots of driving with the top off.....of the jeep that is. 

i'll return north on monday, september 3rd prepared to report for duty to my living room on tuesday, september 4th.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

i wanna dance the tango with chance

leaving QBP felt like taking a really big chance.  i did it.  i took the chance.  my first two weeks in a strange place have been good.  i've learned a lot.  i've cried a bit (but mostly only when i hear from my friends in minnesota).  i've used a lot of patience.  i'm definitely growing.  a lot.  this is all good.  change is good.  change scares me.  that's the only reason that this place is "strange", because its new to me and i am new to it.

i was quickly reminded what the commute from ogden to salt lake is made up of.  except it's been a decade since i last did this and this time around i'm making twice as much money to do it.  so far my biggest complaint is the mess it is getting home.  the morning commute is relaxing and i enjoy podcasts or good tunes.  going home is a crap shoot.  some days its ok, take the fake holiday (pioneer day) for example.  i got home in sub 50 minutes that day!  yesterday was busy but decent.  I made it in 57 minutes and was able to get to big o in time for them to repair my tire before they closed at 6pm. 

i see a lot of good bumper stickers these days.  my favorite, so far, was just today.  "stop electing idiots"  yes, i couldn't agree more.

just today i jumped the broom and bought myself an express pass.  this will allow me to drive in the carpool lane even if i'm the only one in my car and will charge me an electronic fee if i do so.  normally this old stick in the mud would claim this to be a frivolous use of resources...but its not.  here in the great state of utah carpooling isn't the "cool" thing to do so not many of us do it.  as a result, the carpool lane is often far less used than the other 4 lanes on the freeway.  because of this the utah department of transportation has elected to allow us "solo drivers" the option of paying a toll to use the express lane and get where we are going faster, but not too fast.  once my little radio transmitter arrives in the mail, i'll be cruising the express lane when i want/need to.

in addition to my self-purchased express pass, petzl hooks me up with some really good perks.  they provide me with a uta transit pass to ride the frontrunner train, trax light rail, and public busses for FREE!  yes, FREE.  not entirely free as petzl does pay for it, but free to me.  i'm getting comfortable enough with the job and commute that i'm getting close to ready to experiment with using public transit and my bike for all or a portion of my commute.  tomorrow i am bringing my bike to work on the car and spending my hour lunch break exploring the jordan river bike path.

all in all things are going well.  i miss my people in minnesota but we all knew that would be the case....and probably will be forever.  cheers to change and people like me surviving it.   

Thursday, July 12, 2018

it was probably from all of my bouncing.....

yesterday (wednesday) was a special date with my favorite two year old.

i picked him up from the sitter and we were off to the petting zoo on the other side of the mountain.

we were pretty disappointed to realize it was too hot even for the animals. but i was also so appreciative of the family who loves and takes such great care of their animals.  i couldn't convince mason that it was ok because the animals needed rest and shade.

of course my brain immediately went into recon mode...trying so hard to think of something as fun as a petting zoo to spend our time together.  ah, i've been wanting to check out the new trampoline park in ogden.  so we did.  we jumped (and sweated) for hours and laughed and had endless fun.  i love this kid and how he reminds me to slow down with the grown up stuff and hang out with him.  although, hanging out with him does involve him reminding you frequently of all the grown up chores that are waiting for you when you're done hanging out with him.

"bwooke, you gotta get the dog hair out of your car."
"bwooke, your car dirty.  you need to wash it."
"bwooke, we're going to the trampoline park tomorrow too."

there was a cotton candy break so we could cool off for a minute but we were back at it in no time.  

thanks for being such a good kiddo!

time is a gun and the bullets fly

its been an enjoyable week off of work.  i've spent a lot of time with friends, spent a lot of time outside, and spent a lot of time clearing my head.

tuesday i made a split second decision to take the borrowed stand up paddleboard my bike, and a cooler full of food to bear lake and make it a magical day.  at 7am it was already over 80 degrees at our house in ogden.  its been a bit brutal here.  as chris and i were having coffee and discussing the day i decided to load up the car and take a mini road trip.  it was just what i needed.  

chris helped me get everything loaded up.  we needed to back his truck out of the garage to get my bike out so the dogs went on a mini adventure too.  

part of the allure of the trip was the beautiful drive to get there.  i drove up over monte cristo.  only ran into these sweet bovines.  

this is my kind of traffic jam!!!

the entire drive is in the mountains and on two lane roads.  it was perfect.

ahhhh, the beach at bear lake.

you couldn't have slapped this smile off of my face it you had tried.  

after shakes and dinner this was the most perfect close to a day of fun, relaxing, sun, nature, great company, and just pure happy.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

will your readership complain? the stories always end the same.

santa (and his village of lovely elves) was oh so good to me this year!  chris's family took a girl's trip this year and well...i'm one of the girls.  i got to go too.  

we went to and stayed in austin with a day trip to waco on saturday to see what all this hub bub is about some magnolia place.....

haha, i've been flying delta on all of my travels lately.  thankfully they have this sweetwater 420 beer from georgia.  it was first brewed on april 20th (420).  

we're not even out of the airport and i can't keep it together.  this was right before they told me that they were serious about me being the rental car driver for the duration of the trip.

first night in austin was dinner at torchy's.  yum.  also the first rental car driving adventure of the trip.  fun fact: you can park a mini van in a compact car parking stall.

we turned in at a decent hour since we were a bit worn out from travel on Friday but also because we were making a 4:30am departure from the hotel to begin our journey to waco on saturday.  

our first stop was at magnolia table for breakfast.  it was a gorgeous morning to see the sunrise too.

at magnolia table there can often be excessive waits so they have a patio area where you can be seated and enjoy coffee and pastries.  everything was beautiful.

we got our turn for breakfast after what seemed like a short wait.  i was impressed from the time i set foot in the front door and saw this beautiful piece of tile art.

admittedly, i haven't watched much fixer upper.  before the trip (and until 2 nights before we left on the trip) i'd never seen it.  the last two nights i was home before i left for texas, chris and i watched quite a few episodes.

alas, i still did not know what the phone holder baskets were at the table.  you know, it's like that will ferrel commercial.  (watch here)

everything was my favorite.  simple, yet elegant.

ah, the lemon lavender donut holes.  seriously, worth it.

this is me with Chris's mom and sisters.  i think i was on my third or fourth coffee, i was feeling a bit more like myself.

this was one of the magnolia trees right at the entrance of the silos.  it truly was like something from a movie....er, fairytale.  

we spent a bit of time taking in and enjoying the relaxed atmosphere under the silos.  

i think after our early wake up calls we were all ok with a quick break.

at the silos there is shopping, food trucks, yard games, snacks, lots of seating.

last, but most certainly not least, was the silos baking company for the infamous cupcakes.  

these two.  a couple of real life hero's of mine.  they've taught me a lot about being a lady, having patience, holding my tongue, and a lot of other important life lessons.  they'll never admit any of the above to be true....but it is.

saying goodbye to magnolia with our faces to the sun,

and one last sniff of the magnolia tree.

we did buy extra cupcakes to bring back to the hotel.  were were sure glad that we did!  they were the perfect snack.

saturday evening we had a bachelorette party for whitney.

diet coke through the "bride" straw.  nothing says "she said yes" any better.

we grabbed some pizza slices at this little hole in the wall place.  it was perfect and lovely.  but i truly learned the definition of "hole in the wall place".  the pizza sure was good!

after dinner we had tickets for a show at ester's follies.  very hilarious political satire that made me laugh so hard i cried.  after ester's we continued on with the bachelorette celebration and a couple of drinks in a club or two.  we closed out the night with whit yelling at tweedle dee and tweedle dum that they NEEDED WATER!

sunday was mother's day.  we ventured to a very elegant and tasty mexican restaurant.  we sat at a big, gorgeous table in the atrium and were surrounded by tropical plants, great food, and a parrot.  

we did a bit of shopping on willie nelson way.

i was pleased and very relieved to have found the perfect dress to wear to whitney's wedding on the beach in san diego.  i told willie all about it.

we went to the bat bridge.  thought we had insider intel.  maybe we did, maybe we didn't...we'll never know because the big jerks never did their thing!

happy mother's day!  i treated us all to a pedicab ride back to our hotel from the disappointing bat bridge experience.

ahhhh, had to just one.  after all, i was on vacation.

on the way to the airport we stopped for a quick lunch.  i really loved being in a normal place where it's easy to have a beer with your lunch.

at the austin airport.  it was bittersweet.  i had missed chris a lot and was very anxious to see him.  but on the other hand, being in a land where good beer is abundant and easy to come by had been quite nice.  ultimately i chugged these two beasts and got to my seat on the SLC-bound flight with time to spare.

Friday, June 29, 2018

suns are like birds flying upwards over the mountain

this ordinary old backpack could be considered a time capsule of sorts.  of course it was part of some free swag that ended up on my desk as we were packing up the office at Q West in Ogden...back when that was a thing.  this bag ended up being the perfect size to hold everything that hung on my cubicle walls and sat on my desk.  pictures. frames. ski posters.  mountain bike posters. and all sorts of stuff that i should have gotten rid of years ago.

a week from today i'm opening this bag for the very first time since i packed it up in the old Ogden QBP office more than two years ago.  that's what makes this thing like unto a time capsule.  when i brought this bag home from the office that day i decided it wasn't going to be unpacked.  the wounds of the warehouse closing were still a little too painful to sort through.  i quickly decided to tuck the bag away and not to open it until i have a new job where i will work in an office again.

next friday, July 6th, is my last day at QBP.  as of July 16th, 2018 i will join the team at Petzl as a credit and collections specialist.  i'm excited.  it was time for a change, time to shake things up.  i certainly get the vibe that life at Petzl will be good and happy.

i'll keep you posted next week when i open this time capsule and laugh about all the things i'm still carrying through life.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

if i want it then its up to me to make it mine

our summer was pretty top heavy with fun and excitement this year.  as in, its june 19th and we've got nothing on the calendar until october...which is good because i'm still recovering from all the adventure.

our most recent memory-making family fun was a trip to la jolla, california for a long weekend over memorial day.
there were 6 of us all on the same flight and nobody got kicked off or reprimanded for being too wild, maybe the 8am departure time worked in our favor.  
cause for such a beautiful trip was the wedding of whitney, chris's cousin, and josh.  most of us stayed at la jolla shores hotel on the beach.  talk about something out of a dream.  wow,  

this was the sunset view from our room.  yes, that's the ocean.  i dare you to sleep better than i did while listening to the waves crash all night...even with bronchitis.  haha.

the world was on our side the day we traveled to san diego.  our flight arrived before 10am.  we promptly summoned an uber that arrived in less than 2 minutes to pick us up.  when we got to our exquisite hotel, we got an early check in...and when i say early i mean before 11am!  so, when in rome....

since california doesn't have all those goofy laws about alcohol like we do here in the promised land of utah, first thing was first.  mimosas at the hotel bar while we waited for the rental car folks in our party to arrive at the hotel.  

besides the ocean, the sun, and lax liquor laws the food was the best part of the trip.  we ate a lot of good food and most of it was a stone's throw from our hotel.  on friday, shortly after arriving, we went to a magical little brunch spot called barbarella.  full disclosure, the bartender at the hotel bar suggested it when we went for mimosas...it's his other gig.  he was right though.  it was fantastic and not the only visit we would pay while in la jolla.

after lunch it was time to show zade the ocean.  chris and i shared a room at the hotel with zade and mikelle. i'm so glad we did.  that kiddo makes my heart happy.  the 6 of us hung out on the beach for a while soaking up the sun on friday afternoon while we waited for others to arrive.  behind us on the beach is our hotel.

chris and z spent a lot of time discussing the intricacies of beach life and ladies in swimsuits....oh, and cheetahs.

normally not stoked about pictures of just me.  chris took this photo of me on the beach with the enchanted portrait mode on my phone and it's not so shabby.

 josh and whitney made it to town friday afternoon and we joined them for another amazing meal.  we all had dinner at galaxy taco.  yum.  fish tacos were tops.  and the churros.....well, i could never do them justice with words.  and to think that i fancy myself a writer. ha.
saturday was the day we got to hang out all day together with everyone.  so.much.fun.  of course, we started out with more fantastic food.  we had breakfast at shorehouse kitchen.
z loved the hot chocolate.  i loved the mimosas and sourdough toast.

 while testing the spoon on the nose skills of a few in our group i caught an awesome/eerie photo of whit dropping her spoon.
 z showed everyone up by balancing a crayon on his spoon while it hung on his little nose!

after breakfast it was more pool time at the hotel.  z, chris, and mikelle played some serious water ball games.  

saturday evening before dinner we all went to the sea lion beach.  it was really cool to get so close to those guys...but some people just are not smart, i wish the sea lions had more protection from dummies.

handsome fella

i love this picture of rayah!  she's so beautiful.

sunday was the big day.  wedding at sunrise under scripps pier which was exactly 0.8 miles from our hotel.  

a perfect little walk down the beach.

we sure clean up nice.

gah, i ruin so many things....but most of them are photos, thankfully.  :)

mr and mrs

mikelle and i with smiles that say, "no, we aren't freezing..."

man, i sure love everything about that one.

scripps pier

after the wedding we all had breakfast at caroline's cafe, just above the beach.  in the above photo you may notice that chris and i are absent.  why, you ask?  let me tell you a story.....

josh and whitney had just exchanged the most beautiful vows that words allow, making even the most hard-hearted among us well up with tears.  we were all shoving donuts in our faces and i was just making my way to the coffee when someone says, "coleman's, it's your turn for pictures." it seems like it all happened at once but the next thing i knew, chris was ducking, i looked in the air and saw only "spots" falling toward me, and in a last ditch effort, lunged to the sand hoping the "spots" would not land on me...they did.  it was seagull shit.  and there was a lot of it....in my hair!!!!  a few of the things i remember hearing that made me laugh in the subsequent moments after the incident:
"well, at least you didn't have to look like a girl for very long."
"of course you're the one this would happen to..."
"did i really not get any on me????"
"there's so much of it!"
also lots of gagging from the lovelies who helped clean me up for pictures.

once i was somewhat composed we took our turn for photos.  thankfully it was on one side of my hair and sort of in the back so some strategic placement in the photo helped to hide it.  this is also the reason there are NO cute pictures of me in my dress with cute hair and makeup.  Hopefully the magical photographers got some.  :)

as soon as we were finished with photos, chris and i hightailed it back to the hotel and i showered, washing my hair three times....i think i got it all out.  with no time to get ready all over again i did this sweet wet hair move and put some mascara on and we were back down the beach to caroline's cafe.  

still smiling after [sh]it.

i said goodbye to sunny california on monday with a full blown case of bronchitis.  that's how you know a trip was a true success for me.  some sort of lung-comprimising ailment by the time i get home.

but really, i'm so glad i found chris and that in addition to him being the most perfect human for me he comes with a family that most people only dream of.  they aren't perfect, and they don't believe it's real when i say that i hit the family lottery....but it did!